Are You Covid Safe?

Yes. All of our tuners are fully vaccinated. We also wear masks and gloves for every tuning and use hand sanitizer before and after each visit.

How is the Tuning Price Calculated?

The price depends on how far out of tune the piano is. This is also known as a "pitch raise" which means the piano is so far out of tune that extra steps have to be taken to get it up to pitch. This typically happens if more than one year has passed since the last tuning. If the last tuning was a year ago, you can expect the minimum fee. If the last tuning was ten years ago, your fee will probably be closer to the maximum.

How Often Should I Get My Piano Tuned?

You should get your piano tuned at least once a year.
Pianos especially tend to go out of tune when the seasons change, or when moved to a place with a very different climate.

How Should I Prepare?

Remove any objects from the top of the piano and any paintings from the wall just above the piano. Make sure
there is enough room for the piano tuner to get in and out and enough floor space for his tools. Don’t plan on running any noisy appliances during the tuning process such as washers, dryers, blenders, T.V.’s, leaf blowers, etc.

How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Service?

L.A. Piano Tuning is the preferred piano tuning service of some of the top professional musicians, celebrities and recording studios in Los Angeles. We have literally tuned thousands of pianos of every imaginable size, shape, and condition.

Does L.A. Piano Tuning service Electronic Keyboards or Digital Pianos?

Unfortunately no. We only service acoustic instruments, or acoustic instruments with a player piano mechanism installed. For strictly electronic instruments, please contact Advance Music Electronics at (310) 559-3157‬.

Can You Recommend Good Piano Movers?

Yes. We strongly recommend D&J Piano and Organ movers. They have helped our customers for years and there has never been a single issue. ‭(626) 334-1053‬