• * Tuning $150
  • * Repairs $90/hr
  • * Pitch Raise $15-$80, depending on severity
  • * Cleaning $40 for uprights, $100-$150 for grands
  • * Appraisals $100
  • * Sticking Keys $10 per key (approximate)
  • * Keytop Replacement $10 per key, $600 for the whole set.
  • * Key Leveling and Spacing $150
  • * Humidity Control Systems $200 upright, $400 grand
  • * Repair Squeaks and Clicks $10 each
  • * Restringing $2500
The Benefits of Getting Your Piano Cleaned

Upon first inspection, the inside of this Yamaha piano looked more like a haunted house than a musical instrument. The strings were totally rusted. The soundboard was so caked with dust that the logo was barely visible. The bright crimson felt was reduced to a dull gray.

image description

We used a special abrasive material to rub the strings and remove all the rust. Then we used a miniature broom which slips between the strings to sweep all the dust from the soundboard. Next we slipped a vacuum with a straw attachment between the strings to vacuum up all the dust. Then we used a regular brush to remove most of the dust from the outer part of the plate. After that, we slipped slightly damp paper towels between the strings and manipulated them across the soundboard to pick up any last traces of dirt.

The result: a gorgeous clean piano. You can see the Yamaha logo is clearly visible. Now this piano is ready to make music again.

image description